Privacy Policy

The Loja do Museu da Farmácia is responsible for the security of the website and the protection of the data of users and visitors.

All personal information relating to customers or visitors who use the Loja do Museu da Farmácia will be treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

The data provided will be processed by computer by the Loja do Museu da Farmácia.

This privacy policy only applies to information collected through our website.

The use of the Loja do Museu da Farmácia website implies consent to our Privacy Policies.

Any changes to this policy will always be made available in this same place.

information collected

The Loja do Museu da Farmácia collects information when you register on our website or place an order.

When you register or place an order on our website, the data we collect are: name, address, e-mail, telephone number, taxpayer number and data necessary for payment.

Registration on the site is not mandatory. Your visit to it can be anonymous.

Use of information

The information collected may be used for the following purposes:

Process the order or make the purchase at the Pharmacy Museum Store

Personalization of your experience: your information allows us to better respond to your needs.

Improvement of our website: we always try to increase the product offering based on your requests.

Improved user service: your information allows us to respond more effectively to your requests and needs.

Transaction processing: your information, whether public or private, will not be transferred to third parties without your consent, except for what is necessary for the delivery of the ordered products.

Disclosure of competitions, promotions, surveys or other information on the site.

data protection

The Loja do Museu da Farmácia website has several security measures in order to maintain the security of your personal information when you place an order, insert, change or access your personal data.

Data sharing with third parties

Loja do Museu da Farmácia is committed to protecting user data and not selling, exchanging, or transferring your personal data to third parties.

The data may be provided in situations that justify it, such as collaboration with judicial authorities.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files that collect information and are stored on your device through your browser.

They may be strictly necessary for the functioning of the website, for example, to:

identify and authenticate the user; or

memorize the user's usual preferences; or

allow the user to complete tasks without having to re-enter information (for example, when changing pages or returning, as in the case of form data, shopping basket, etc.); or

carry out, allow, facilitate or support communications from/through the website; or

provide some functionality that the user has requested; or

security of information systems and/or fraud prevention.

3. These cookies will be stored on your device and do not require consent.

4. Cookies can also be used to collect information, for example to:

measure and obtain website usage statistics, for example, number of unique visitors, detect search engine keywords, detect navigation aspects such as visit duration, most visited pages or most accessed content (analytics cookies); or

adapt advertising and marketing based on your behavior and profile, adapting the ads to be displayed (tracking cookies, advertising, analytics); or

third parties, other than FARMACOOPE - COOPERATIVA NACIONAL DAS FARMACIAS CRL, which collect your browsing information through different websites in order to create these profiles (third-party cookies).

5. The storage of these tracking, advertising, analytics and third-party cookies will always depend on your acceptance and prior consent, and this consent can be withdrawn at any time through specific tools and/or your browser.

6. Similar to cookies, tracking pixels, web beacons and other similar tools are images and/or pieces of code loaded when the user visits a website, page or content, but also when opening an email.

7. These tools contain an external link to a tool's server and allow tracking of user behavior to obtain data for online marketing, analytics, but also retargeting marketing.

8. When the user visits the destination website, this operation is recorded and noted in the tool's server log files, which may include various information about the user, namely, the operating system, duration of, or IP address. .

9. The storage of these tools will always depend on your acceptance and prior consent, and this consent can be withdrawn at any time through specific tools and/or your browser.

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