Shipping and Returns

1. Shipping

Shipments from the Pharmacy Museum Store are made throughout the national territory through CTT Registered Mail - Correios de Portugal. The order is assigned a barcode with a unique identification number that allows tracking and locating it.

After confirmation of payment, we do everything possible to ship the order on the same day or the next business day (excluding weekends, national holidays in Portugal). Bear in mind that if an order is placed on a Friday, it will probably only be shipped on Monday of the following week.

If there is a problem with the order (delayed shipment, incorrect delivery address, products out of stock, etc.), we will contact the customer via email. The order will not be shipped until we receive a response or until the defined waiting time has expired. If no response is received, the order will be canceled and payment will be refunded to the customer. For more details, see the How to Buy ?

Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday, with the exception of local or national holidays, to the delivery address indicated on the order form.

Remember that you may have to pick up your order at a collection point in your area of residence in case an unsuccessful delivery attempt has been made, and the carrier must leave a notification with information on where the order will be stored as well as the maximum period within which the withdrawal must be made, after which the order is returned to the Loja do Museu da Farmácia.

To proceed with the collection of the order, you must present the notification left by the carrier, as well as your identification document. If the recipient cannot collect the order in person, it may be collected by third parties, provided that the notification is signed in accordance with the recipient's identification document and is accompanied by the document itself or a copy of it.

The Pharmacy Museum Store cannot be held responsible if the delivery address has been incorrectly filled in or corrected after shipping.

2. Price & Shipping Time


Orders for mainland Portugal of less than €50 have a shipping cost depending on the weight of the order and type of service selected:


“For Tomorrow” Service


48h service

up to 1kg


up to 2 kg


up to 5 kg


up to 5 kg


up to 10kg


up to 10 kg


Orders for Madeira/Azores have a shipping cost depending on the weight of the order:


“For Tomorrow” Service


48h service

up to 1kg


up to 2 kg


up to 5 kg


up to 5 kg


up to 10kg


up to 10 kg


The values presented include VAT at the rate in force.

At the Museu da Farmácia Store, all shipping materials (boxes, labels, tape and filling) are included in the shipping cost.

For orders over €50 in mainland Portugal, shipping is free.


Delivery times are as follows:

“For Tomorrow” Service

  • Mainland Portugal – 1 business day after dispatch;
  • Madeira and Azores - Up to 2 working days in the case of Madeira and up to 4 working days in the case of the Azores archipelago.

48h service

  • Mainland Portugal – 2 working days after dispatch;
  • Madeira and Azores - Up to 7 working days in the case of Madeira and up to 15 working days in the case of the Azores archipelago.

Delivery times are estimated, and are only considered valid when there are no physical or structural impediments.

Note: We advise you to check the condition of the box in which your order was transported in the presence of the delivery person in order to confirm that it arrived in good condition. In case of damage or if the box shows signs of having been tampered with (example: adhesive tape that seals the box), you must refuse the order immediately, indicating to the delivery person the reason for the refusal. Then, you should contact the Loja do Museu da Farmácia and report what happened so that we can file a claim with the carrier. If possible, we ask that you take pictures of the box to send us.

3. Order Tracking

After placing an order on our website, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your purchase. If you do not receive this email, please check your SPAM folder as your email server may forward it there.

After your order is shipped, you will receive another shipping confirmation email containing shipping details such as tracking code, expected delivery date, link to tracking website.

4. Returns in case of lack of conformity of the product(s):

The legal regime for the sale of consumer goods provided for in Decree-Law no.

In cases where the lack of conformity is manifested within 30 days after delivery of the good, the consumer may request the immediate replacement of the good or the termination of the contract (Right of rejection).

The Loja do Museu da Farmácia will be liable for any lack of conformity that appears within three years from the delivery of the good.

Whenever the lack of conformity is manifested within a period of two years from the date of delivery of the good, it is presumed to exist on this date.

This presumption is removed when this is incompatible with the nature of the thing (eg goods subject to an expiry date) or with the characteristics of the lack of conformity (eg misuse by the consumer or a third party).

If the lack of conformity manifests itself within a period of more than two years, it will be up to the consumer to prove that the lack of conformity existed on the date of delivery of the good.

The exercise of rights by the consumer must be guided by the principle of proportionality, that is, that the means required to restore the conformity of the thing must be proportional to the non-conformity.

The consumer, in the event of non-conformity of the good, has the right to choose the restoration of conformity, through the repair or replacement of the good, unless the means chosen for the restoration of conformity is impossible or, in comparison with the other means, imposes to the Pharmacy Museum Store disproportionate costs.

The Loja do Museu da Farmácia may refuse to restore the conformity of the good if repair or replacement is impossible or imposes costs that are disproportionate.

The consumer can only choose between the proportional price reduction and the termination of the contract, if:

  • The Pharmacy Museum Store:
  • You have not repaired or replaced the item;
  • Has not carried out the repair or replacement of the good: free of charge, within a reasonable period (30 days unless a longer period is justified) without serious inconvenience to the consumer.
  • Has refused to restore the conformity of the good to the conditions referred to in the previous point;
  • You have declared, or it is evident from the circumstances, that you will not restore the goods within a reasonable period of time or without serious inconvenience to the consumer;
  • The lack of conformity has reappeared despite the trader's attempt to bring the goods back into conformity;
  • A new non-compliance occurs;
  • The seriousness of the lack of conformity justifies the immediate reduction of the price or the termination of the purchase and sale contract;
  • When the lack of conformity has led to the loss or deterioration of the good for reasons not attributable to the consumer.

The exercise of the right to terminate the contract determines:

  • The consumer's obligation to return the good to the Pharmacy Museum Store;
  • The obligation of the Loja do Museu da Farmácia to reimburse the consumer for the price paid for the goods after their receipt or proof of their dispatch, presented by the consumer.
  • The reimbursement, by the Loja do Museu da Farmácia, within 14 days from the date on which it was informed, of all payments made by the consumer, including the costs of delivery of the good, with, however, the right to withhold this value, as long as the goods are not returned or the consumer does not provide proof of shipment.
  • Reimbursement of payments made by the consumer through the same payment method that was used by the consumer in the initial transaction, unless there is an express agreement to the contrary and provided that the consumer does not incur any costs as a result of the reimbursement.

The right of withdrawal is exercised through a declaration to the Loja do Museu da Farmácia, by letter, email, or by any other means susceptible of proof in the general terms, in which the consumer informs of his decision to terminate the purchase contract and sale.

Right to free resolution

The main objective of the Loja do Museu da Farmácia is that the User is satisfied, as such, he can exercise the right to free resolution within a maximum period of 30 days, counting from the day he receives the order.

Before returning the order, it is necessary that you contact our team via email: It is important that the customer waits to receive our reply email with the return information.

In order for the order to be accepted on return, it is necessary to respect the following points:

  • The product must not have been used;
  • The product must be sealed in its original packaging, if applicable - if the product box has any protection seal, it must be kept intact, as well as any other product protection mark;
  • You must ensure that the product is accompanied by all components;
  • You must keep the invoice, and a copy of it must accompany the return of the product to the Loja do Museu da Farmácia.

Upon receipt of the return and confirmation of the integrity of the products, the return is accepted and the commercial value of the products will be refunded, for a new product, voucher or the return of the value by the same means of payment used (depending on the situation)

The value of transport will only be refunded in cases where the order sent is incorrect.

In other cases, we will refund the entire value of the item, with the exception of the cost of transport, whether this has been borne by the customer or by the Loja do Museu da Farmácia.

Information on out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In the event of a dispute with the Loja do Museu da Farmácia, the User may resort to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity.

The updated list of Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities available under art. 17 of Law no. 144/2015, of 8 September, can be consulted on the Consumer Portal, through the website